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May., 1966 Established Tokyo kakoki Co.,Ltd with the capital 1million yen.
Mar., 1967 The first trial etching machine completed. Launched really into electronics industry.
Feb., 1970 Started to develop etching machine related units to grow out into a synthetic machine maker.
May., 1971 Increased the capital at 125.5million yen for business expansion.
Dec., 1973 Succeeded in develooping cupric chloride regeneration unit, and bore the fist unit made in Japan.
Dec., 1977 Completed Roll to Roll flexible PCB processing line.
Apr., 1980 Acquired the patent of cupric chloride regenerration system in Japan.
Oct., 1981 Increased the capital at 30 million yen.
Jan., 1985 Increased the capital at 75 million yen.
Dec., 1993 Completed TAB Reel to Reel processing line.
Jun., 1994 Produced LCD related equipments
Sep., 2000 Increased the capital at 97.500 yen .
Mar., 2005 Business tie-up with Meltex Co.,Ltd.
Apr., 2007 Certified company of ISO9001
Oct., 2008 Etching machine, gEminenth which improved the performance substantially has been developed.
Dec., 2010 Acquired the patent of Hybrid etching system in JAPAN.