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From TCM own point of view we try to meet speedy to our customer's requests such as high density patterning, higher yield rate,environmetal improvement, power saving, etc. TCM equipments are reflected by the idea regarding user's stanapoint.

Focusing on the printed-circuit board industry, TCM had the track record that about 2000 horizontal transfer equipment sold in and outside Japan and has received high reliance from our customers. By high advancement in information technology which evolves increasingly in recent years, high density and miniaturization are getting on further in electronics market. TCM is furthering various technical development, such as 30 micrometer ultra-thin board conveyance, an etcher which realizes 20 micro meter width circuit, in order to offer the equipment satisfy the fast-evolving technology. If there is something difficult to overcome in your manufacturing process, please do not hesitate to consult us. TCM offer the proposal which you can satisfy surely is made.

Hybrid Etching System
Oscillation type DES line
Electroless plating line
Black oxide processing line
Half Etching system
Cleaning & Drying system
DES line for TAB